Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

A beautifully installed pool is often one of the highlights of a property. Well used frameless glass pool fencing can really help a pool add to the look of a property and it's landscape. Understated and timeless frameless pool fencing allows you to see the horizon and the surrounding landscaping without impediment.


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Advice and design

In order to provide the best service we offer you our complimentary Pool Fence Planner. You can use this tool to plan your perfect fence and organise your thoughts. Simply print our Pool Fence Planner, draw the fences you wish installed and the dimensions and include any gardens, fixtures or other necessary information. You can send a request to have your planner evaluated by one of our certified professionals to provide you with personalised feedback of the space.

Installation to Sydney, Wollongong and Newcastle

We inspect and install frameless glass pool fences to the regions surrounding Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong. We work with you, your architect or landscaping profession to ensure the pool fencing perfectly highlights your landscape and complies with all council and state regulations. Our installers are 100% certified and registered tradesmen of the highest order. We can cut glass to order to ensure the perfect fit and finish for your pool fencing. Our installation costs are $350 including GST for labour with no hidden fees or costs.

Complementary consultation

If you are uncertain as to the best options for your house request a free consultation and quote today. One of our trained glass specialists will visit the property and assess your needs at no cost to yourself. Our assessor can discuss any custom work such as handrails and other fittings that will complement your project.

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